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from 15500  грн

The Pula bed is a universal bed model for both teenagers and small children from 3 years old. For the smallest, we suggest ordering a removable protective edge to protect the child from injuries at night.

The special charm of the Pula bed is given by the thick beams. They are filled with soft highly elastic foam, and on top of it an additional layer of siliconized holofiber.

In this way, several effects are achieved: the bill has a stable, clearly defined shape, and at the same time it is extremely soft. Finishing off the perfect design is a slightly draped upholstery, the color and type of which can be chosen at your own discretion.

The PULA bed can be ordered in left- and right-sided versions.

  • Frame: plywood 10, chipboard 18 mm, pine timber, fiberboard
  • Filler: elastic polyurethane foam Interfoam brand HS 3530, Syntepon 600
  • Supports: none
  • Mechanisms: Stalmot (Poland) PZ 180-4
  • Bed set with lifting mechanism:
    1. metal fasteners with a metal thickness of 2 mm, orthopedic frame 30*30 mm (2 mm)
    2. the storage niche is made of laminated chipboard, divided into three parts for convenient cleaning
    3. a buffer brush is pasted around the perimeter to prevent dust from entering
    4. the design of the niche allows you to withstand heavy loads
  • Bed set without lifting mechanism: 
    1. metal fasteners with a thickness of 2 mm
    2. two possible options for configuration:
      1. wooden frame with bed slats
      2. orthopedic metal (in case of heavy load on the bed) frame 30*30 mm with bed slats
  • Height of the headboard: 81 cm
  • The thickness of the headboard: 17 cm
  • Formatting of the headboard:
    1. plywood 10 mm, chipboard 18 mm, pine timber, fiberboard 
    2. elastic polyurethane foam Interfoam brand HS 3530, Syntepon 600
  • Height of the sides and footboard 27 cm
  • Formatting the sides and footboard: chipboard 18 mm, pine timber, fiberboard, foam rubber 10 mm EL 2840
  • The thickness of the sides and footboard: 10 cm
  • Height of the legs: 15 mm
  • Mattress recess: 5 cm
  • Removable cover (for sides only): none
  • Maximum mattress height: without restrictions 
  • Additional options: none

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80*200/190 cm: W – 110 cm; L – 230/220 cm; H – 81 cm

90*200/190 cm: W – 120 cm; L – 230/220 cm; H – 81 cm

120*200/190 cm: W – 150 cm; L – 230/220 cm; H – 81 cm