Factory of Ukrainian designer beds


With many years of experience in the furniture industry, in 2017, a small team of like-mindedpeople decided to implement their expertise, ideas, and resources in creating a new page in the furniture industry.

  • Inspired by the creation of perfect products,Woodsoft embodies modern style, unique design, impeccable quality, and, above all, comfort in its products.
  • Our area of responsibility is sleeping, recovery of strength and energy of our Clients.
  • Buyers ' recognition of our product inspires us to move forward in Ukraine and international markets.


Our products are the result of diligent research and a motivated team striving to meet our clients' needs. Everyone has their requirements and expectations from a bed based on personal needs, the room's interior, and other factors.

That is why each model has its unique design, structural characteristics, and functionality. Quality in every detail, comfort, and the best-quality components we purchase from Ukrainian and European manufacturers remain unchanged.


Our production is located in the city of Kyiv. From idea to implementation, each bed goes through a series of production processes: creation of drawings and layout, prototype, testing, formation of technological maps, and launch into mass production. All these stages require many resources and means.

The key components of our production process are a motivated team, modern equipment, and faith in our product.


We made a strategic decision to focus exclusively on a niche area. This approach has enabled us to develop a deep expertise and understanding of the market, which in turn has allowed us to deliver unparalleled value to our clients..

We aim to become an outstanding bed manufacturer and deliver a flawless product."We want to be an excellent bed manufacturer and create a perfect product.

Since our foundation, we have set increasingly ambitious goals every year, which has helped us become a trusted brand among Ukrainian manufacturers in a short span of time. This has encouraged us to keep moving forward, both in Ukraine and on international markets.


To produce a product of Ukrainian origin that you can take pride in

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