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from 16300  грн

The compact size of the bed allows you to save the maximum usable area of the bedroom so that the child will have room for both games and studies. In addition, bed linen or other things can be hidden under two spacious drawers.

Absolute safety for a child of any age is created by:

  • soft rounded edges
  • absence of any sharp or hard elements
  • pleasant upholstery made of high-quality fabric
  • an additional protective panel can be ordered and installed at the front if desired

When buying a BARI bed, please pay attention to the size of the sleeping place because it depends on the overall dimensions and the area the bed will occupy. Our size range is designed for mattresses of a standard size, so later everything was fine when buying them.

  • Frame materials: plywood 21 mm, chipboard 18 mm, wooden beam, fiberboard
  • Filler: PPU EL 2840
  • Bed set: set slats
  • Headboard height: 90 cm
  • Headboard thickness: 6 cm
  • Headboard filling: chipboard 18 mm, wooden beam, fiberboard PPU EL2840
  • Height of the bed frame (from the floor): 37 cm
  • Bed frame filling: plywood 30 mm PPU EL2840
  • Bed frame thickness: 6 cm
  • Leg height: 1.5 cm
  • Mattress depth: 5 cm

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Знімний бортик


80*200/190 cm: W – 92 cm; L – 212/202 cm; H – 90 cm

90*200/190 cm: W – 102 cm; L – 212/202 cm; H – 90 cm

120*200/190 cm: W – 132 cm; L – 212/202 cm; H – 90 cm