Warranty and product return


The product warranty period is 18 months
During the warranty period, the manufacturer guarantees repair or replacement if the user does not violate the rules of operation.

Claims regarding the appearance of the product and the inconsistency of the order are accepted only upon receipt of the product.

Free warranty repair applies to furniture defects caused by the manufacturer's fault.

Free warranty repair is not carried out if:

  • Violated rules and conditions of use of furniture.
  • The product is damaged mechanically or in any other way due to falling, transportation, storage, or careless use.
  • Furniture damaged by pets, fire, chemicals, or careless behavior.
  • The Buyer himself carried out the restoration and repair of furniture.
  • The Buyer has changed the design or components of the product.
  • There are defects that the Buyer was aware of at the time of sale, and as a result, the Buyer received an individual discount.

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